When dealing with rare artifacts, privacy and confidentiality is less common than you might expect. At Historical Registry, we take privacy seriously.

First, all items handled by Historical Registry are strictly confidential.  If the client welcomes public disclosure after certification of a rare find, then we may share their good fortune on our web site or subscriber updates.  Otherwise, anonymity is enforced.

Second, should a client desire additional anonymity, we offer masked transactions where the owner is known to only one handler throughout the process.

Third, if further confidentiality is required, we offer blind transactions where no one within Historical Registry knows the owner of the artifact.

Privacy and anonymity:

  • Our client and subscriber lists are strictly confidential and will never be shared or sold.
  • We use private web metrics that keep web usage information private unlike Google web metrics that share your site activities.
  • All research findings a private and are added to your account.
  • After your successful certifications are received, it is your decision to announce the event through the Historical Registry website and newsletter or keep the event private.