Authentication and provenance:  We investigate and document the provenance for each artifact.  We obtain the necessary affidavits and build a file to support possible authentication.

Certification and registration: If our team of experts agree that the artifact matches our criteria and passes our tests to be proven original, we will certify and security mark the artifact then add the item to our registry database for a permanent record.  When Historical Registry certifies an artifact, it is guaranteed original for life.

Restoration: We work with several quality resources to restore everything from uniforms, flags, maps and other historical artifacts.   Some of these resources have worked for famous institutions (e.g. Smithsonian) to provide the finest restoration possible.

Archiving and preservation: We can either preserve your items with acid free archival products or simply advise you on time tested preservation techniques that have worked for our team of experts over the past 40 years.

Artifact security and recovery: If your artifact is has been certified and security marked by Historical Registry, we will work with you to recover your item should it be stolen or lost in the future.  We also have a proprietary proactive recovery procedure to recover stolen items from anywhere in the world.

Buying, Selling and Trading:  We do not buy, sell or trade artifacts.  If you seek advice on selling your artifacts, we can recommend honest brokers and auction houses.

Advisory services: If you are not sure what to do with your estate, collection or items, we can help advise you as to the best short-term and long-term strategy.

Valuation and appraisal:  FOR ITEMS already certified by Historical Registry, you can request an appraisal.  Our valuation will take into account both public and known private sales world wide to provide the most accurate assessment possible for estate settlements, insurance purposes or to sell the item (Historical Registry does not sell artifacts).  We provide a comparables (comp) sheet showing similar items that have sold over the past six to eighteen months.   You can also request annual reassessments (updates) to our valuations.

Appraisals for items not certified by Historical Registry, we recommend: Heritage Auction Appraisals

Expertise: Our primary expertise is currently focused on war artifacts also called militaria or military antiques.  However, our scope is expanding to cover other areas and will eventually provide expertise in most major artifact categories.

Top expertise:

  • Medal of Honor groupings and uniforms
  • Distinguished Service Cross groupings, medal sets, and uniforms
  • Navy Cross groupings, medal sets and uniforms
  • Air Force Cross groupings, medal sets and uniforms
  • Distinguished Service Medals, Silver star medals, and Purple Heart medals
  • Rare flags
  • Maps including Daily Situation Maps, D-Day Maps and intelligence maps
  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Rare documents

Special Focus:

  • Admiral’s uniforms, medals, documents and swords
  • General’s uniforms, medals, documents and swords
  • Famous service men and women groupings/items
  • Celebrity uniforms, medals and groupings
  • USMC / U. S. Marine Corps
  • OSS / Office of Strategic Services
  • Airborne / 101st, 82nd, 13th, and 17th
  • Special Forces
  • Army Rangers


  • Revolutionary War
  • Civil War
  • WWI  /  WW1  / World War I
  • WWII  /  WW2  / World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War