We have been selected by the Foss family to restore, inventory, certify and register the estate of Medal of Honor recipient Joe Foss.  The estate consists of over 500 items dating back to the 1920s through 2003 including many items from WWII and the Guadalcanal campaign.

In 1943, then Captain Joe Foss became the face of the Marine Corps and our war effort in the Pacific by earning the Medal of Honor for his aerial victories at Guadalcanal flying his Grumman F4F Wildcat with VMF-115.  After his June 7, 1943 cover of Life Magazine wearing the Medal of Honor, he returned the war effort and eventually became a Brigadier General with the newly formed Air Force.

Post-WWII Joe Foss became the Governor of South Dakota, Commissioner of the newly formed American Football League, TV star and philanthropist.   Not bad for a man who grew up in a house without electricity and was forced to drop out of school after his father passed away.